Glass Kilns

Our Glass Fusing, Casting, and Annealing kilns fire at temperatures up to 1700F degrees, these temperatures are perfect for your glass projects.

Ceramic/Pottery Kilns

Our Electric and Gas Pottery and Ceramic kilns fire to higher temperatures 2200-2400F degrees Cone 8 - Cone 10 and up, and come in all shapes, depths, and sizes.

Knife/Heat Treat Kilns

Choosing a Knife or Blade Kiln, a Heat Treating Furnace, or a Heat Treat Oven for your shop depends on its ability to reach and maintain temps, control heating and cooling rates, safety, ease of use, and durability.

Industrial Kilns

When you need a heavy-duty unit for your industrial process or high-paced production needs, we have just the right industrial kiln for the job!

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All READY-to-SHIP kilns all ship within days of your order date, so if you've always wanted to try that new glass, clay, metals, jewelry, or blade project, now is the time to start! Each brand has a different shipping speed, allowing you to get a kiln when you need one. Read More


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Sherri VP★★★★★

I am a glass artist and love my Hot Shot Kilns! I have a HS16 and HS24. I contacted Gail after taking her class on finding the perfect kiln offered by Bullseye. Gail introduced me to the Hot Shot brand and she and Paul answered all of my questions. Ordering through KilnFrog was easy and I can’t say enough about the wonderful support and customer service I have received from KilnFrog and Hot Shot.

Andrew C★★★★★

The latest run for the shop, 6 horseshoes and 4 dragonflies all made using frit molds. Using the Paragon Fusion 17 is a blast to use and once you get your scheduled punched into the sitter, you can be sure that every piece comes out perfect. Other than the frit molds, this kiln is just right for slumping bottles, forming plates, fusion casting, and anything else that you can fit in it. Absolutely no problems other than the once the heating element went out, but the folks at Kiln Frog and Paragon set it right and had a new element to me within the week.

Nicholas Y★★★★★

I love my kiln, it affords me the opportunity to create lost wax molds to which I can ramp up and down the temperature in a programmable sequence that burns out the wax and maintains a temp I can safely pour molten metal into my mold! My experience with kiln frog has been a game changer! Thank you Kiln Frog..

Tyler S★★★★★

My experience with Kilnfrog was exactly what I was hoping for when making my purchase. They were very quick to respond to my order, very fast to get the kiln made and sent, and went above and beyond to text and ask me questions specific to my order to make sure I would have everything I needed to be up and running when it arrived. I will be ordering from them again, as well as suggesting to others that they should do business there as well. Our kiln has been running like a dream, cranking out tiny pots as fast as I can make them. It has made the difference in our craft and business. Thank you.

Esther P★★★★★

I ordered my Paragon 17 Kiln from KilnFrog nearly three years ago and I have loved every minute of it. This picture shows my 354th firing to date. I have created so many different pieces from trays, to sun-catchers, to stir sticks and everything in between. KilnFrog has been so wonderful to work with and I intend on eventually getting a larger kiln and you can bet I will be getting it from KilnFrog!

Jackie G.★★★★★

My KilnFrog experience was wonderful! Customer service was very quick to respond to my questions (while other websites and kiln companies took days or never responded) and were so kind and helpful to figure out my best kiln fit and customizations at a great price :) I loved the thoughtful kiln prep emails leading up to the arrival. Even the delivery company was a pleasure to work with!