Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tools, equipment, and supplies do you sell online? Kiln Frog specializes in kilns but, we also offer a wide range of tools, equipment, and supplies for fusing, kilnforming, lampworking / bead making, PMC, and jewelry making.  

How do I place an order? When you find an item you wish to purchase click the "add to cart"  or "add to wishlist" button. This will take you to your shopping cart page, where you can change the quantity, continue shopping or check out.

How is Sales Tax calculated? The amount of tax charged depends upon many factors including the type of item purchased, and the destination of the shipment (shipping address). Items sold by Kiln Frog or its subsidiaries, and shipped to destinations in the state of Texas are subject to tax. If an item is subject to sales tax, it is generally calculated on the total selling price of each individual item. In accordance with state tax laws, the total selling price of an item will generally include item-level shipping and handling charges. The tax rate applied to your order will generally be the combined state and local rate for the address where your order was shipped. Therefore, the sales tax rate applied to your order may be different for an order shipped to your home address than it is for an order for the very same items shipped to your work address. No sales tax is charged when purchasing gift certificates; however, purchases paid for with gift certificates may be subject to tax.

What is the effect of the Internet Tax Freedom Act? Companies selling over the Internet are subject to the same sales tax collection requirements as any other retailers. Remote sellers (including Internet retailers and catalog companies) are generally required to collect taxes where they have a physical selling presence. If they do not have any such presence, they are not required to collect sales taxes. The Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) has been renewed through October 31, 2007. Please note, the ITFA was primarily intended to prevent state and local governments from imposing new or discriminatory taxes on Internet transactions and on Internet access. Despite the name of the Act, ITFA does not preclude state and local governments from imposing existing sales tax collection requirements on companies selling over the Internet.

What is your privacy policy? At Kiln Frog, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell your personal information to others. When you order, we need to know your name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card number, and expiration date in order to process your order. We may also use the information to send you information about upcoming events and special sales at Kiln Frog.
Can I make a purchase and send it is a gift? Yes... If your purchase is a gift, be sure to let us know so we can send your invoice separately.