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LOST WAX CASTING is the process of carving a shape in wax, making a mold of the wax shape, and then casting that shape into metal from the mold. The mold is a negative image of the wax. The wax is melted out of the mold through hollow channels called sprues. Lost wax burnout is the process of preparing a casting mold for the melted metal that will be poured into it.

THE BURN OUT... All the wax in the mold must then be burned out or melted out of the mold in the kiln. The metal is then melted in the kiln at high temperatures in crucibles and poured into the empty mold to cool.

ALL OF THE KILNS IN THIS COLLECTION are appropriate for this process.

So how do you make your choice? What you really need to know is:

  • how much space you need? (how tall and how wide are your molds?)
  • what temperature do you need to go to? (What metals will you use?)
  • and lastly, where can you plug it in? (How much juice do you have?)

Here is a link to a cool internet guide we found that you can use as a reference: Lost Wax Casting Tutorial and Guide

We're always here if you need a hand finding the right kiln for you! Just give us a call!



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