Safety Precautions

Kilns are as safe as any other electrical appliance when used under normal and proper operating conditions. All kiln safety precautions should always be observed.

  • Use common sense while installing and using your kiln.
  • Do not install your kiln closer than 12" from any surface, or closer than 18” from a combustible surface. Remove all potentially combustible materials from the kiln area.
  • Make sure all electrical specifications are followed. Use correct voltage, wire size and circuit breaker. Make sure all connections are tight. Avoid using aluminum wire. Always use the proper grounded receptacle. A qualified electrician or service person should be used for all electrical service or repairs.
  • Install in covered, walled in, well-ventilated area.  Fumes from the ware should be vented to the outside. 
  • Avoid moisture. Do not allow your kiln to get wet. Never use your kiln outside!
  • Always keep children and unsupervised personnel away. Surface will get hot and a burn could result.
  • Fire glass only to the manufacturers recommended firing temperature. Improper fire temperatures could result in damage to your kiln. Do not operate glass kilns over the maximum temperature rating. 
  • Replace any worn or defective parts with ONLY genuine replacement parts.
  • Unplug kiln when not in use and if there is an electrical storm.
  • Unplug the kiln before servicing or vacuuming.
  • Do not drop or slam the lid shut.
  • Let the kiln cool to room temperature before opening the lid.