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Evenheat is located on the beautiful, blue shores of Lake Huron and has grown steadily from these humble beginnings to become a major kiln manufacturer serving the ceramic, glass, heat treat and metal clays markets. At Evenheat, design matters. We're constantly evaluating our design choices and construction techniques to produce the best possible products. Kilns are equipment, and like any piece of equipment, they will be used. Making sure they work well with you is our primary concern.Evenheat Kilns, along with SDS Industries, has recently become an industry leader with regards to a MAJOR advancement of kiln control technology... the TAP Controller(roll the video tape, please...)

Most Evenheat Kilns now also have the option of a Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System. This system does away with traditional mechanical relays and uses solid state relays instead. Solid state means there are no moving parts, nothing to wear out and nothing to replace. Solid state also means superior heating-element operation resulting in tighter temperature control, longer element life and enhanced performance.

***NEW Quick Refernce Guides that allow you to compare the chamber width, length or height and the max temps on all Evenheat Kilns and Ovens... Glass, Ceramic, Knife / Heat Treat, and Metal Clay Kiln Specifications. 





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