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Knife Kiln vs. Heat Treat Furnace vs. Oven? All three of these names refer to a fireproof box that gets hot. No matter what you call it “the box” needs to have the capability to get to the desired temperature and stay there for the prescribed amount of time. That box or chamber must also have the ability to heat and cool down at the prescribed rate for the particular processes required. Most importantly, it must be safe and easy to operate, and last a long time.

From this point forward, we’re going to refer to all the options as KILNS, and we've got a lot to choose from!

So how do you make your choice? What you really need to know is:

  • how much space you need,
  • what temperature do you need to go to and how long to hold...
  • and lastly, where can you plug it in? (How much juice do you have?)

Here is a link to a guide that you can use as a reference: The Heat-Treating Data eBook.

We're always here if you need a hand finding the right kiln for you! Just give us a call!



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