Porcelain or China Painting Kilns are typically smaller versions of Pottery kilns. They also typically fire at lower temperatures at 2000F. A kiln intended to function for pottery and ceramics is designed to fire to higher temperatures over 2200-2350F degrees, these high temperatures are necessary for firing the clay. Porcelain paints and glazes usually fire at lower temperatures.
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    Kiln Frog's Holiday Gift Guide 2023
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    a man using his kiln
    Kilns boast a long history, having been employed by different cultures for millennia. They can generate and maintain high temperatures, making them incredibly versatile tools. 
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    at home kiln
    In the world of pottery and ceramics, the kiln is an essential tool for firing clay creations to perfection. Whether you're a novice artist exploring your creative side or an experienced ceramicist honing your craft, having the...
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