What type of plug do I need?

Each kiln model described on our website will identify which of the following power supply receptacles is used with that model. They are identified by voltage and amperage as well as the NEMA designation. Those described as "direct wire" do not use a receptacle, instead, they are permanently wired.

Download the NEMA Configuration Chart!

NEMA 5-15R: 120 Volt, 15 Amp (typical household receptacle)
NEMA 5-20R: 120 Volt, 20 Amp
NEMA 6-20R: 240 Volt, 20 Amp
NEMA 6-30R: 240 Volt, 30 Amp
NEMA 6-50R: 240 Volt, 50 Amp
NEMA 10-50R: 240V, 50 Amp (available by request)
NEMA 10-30R: 240 Volt, 30 Amp (available by request)