FOCUSED ON YOU… was born from the idea that kiln shopping is a big pain in the neck, and confusion runs rampant! We noticed that all the information in the vast web wasteland was from the manufacturers’ point of view, and not the user’s perspective. So, being the rebels that we are, we decided to put an end to that! Launched from our craft supply store in San Antonio, Texas in 2010, where we had sold kilns to artists and makers since 2002, we struck out online and began selling with one line of kilns, some glass, a grinder, and a saw. The rest, so they say, is history.



Kilnfrog, LLC is now the #1 volume supplier in the US of heat treatment equipment (Kilns, Ovens & Furnaces) in the glass, metals, clay, automotive, and industrial fabrication communities. Our team is comprised of builders, fabricators, artists and makers at heart! We’ve taken apart kilns and put them back together again, and we fire kilns on a regular basis, so we’re speaking from a users’ point of view.

OUR DAILY MISSION… is to provide honest and unbiased observations from brand to brand, as well as real world solutions that make sense for how you plan on using your equipment. We work hard every day to provide a stellar resource that makes a real difference in your decision-making process. We've helped thousands of customers confidently purchase their equipment over years and we're happy to help you too!


  • You can talk to a real person on the phone immediately, or via instant chat, email or via real time texting - you choose! (We promise we will respond during regular business hours.)
  • We sell only American made products. We support US manufacturers! We don't import foreign made products.
  • We won’t sell fake parts warranties! All our warranties are backed by the manufacturer with original factory parts.
  • We're American owned and based in the USA! Our sales and customer service are in Texas and we don't outsource.
  • We'll tell you the truth. We won't try and sell you things you don't need. Wasting your hard-earned money isn't what we're about, and it's unethical. We'll tell you the truth about what add-on items are really worth the money and what you just don't need for your application.
  • We're fair, and we're reasonable, but we expect you to be too! We'll go to the mat every time to make it work for you, and try to pull a rabbit out of a hat when we can for you! But please remember, we're not always able to defy gravity (so to speak) and we can't fix everything all the time.


Director of Community Engagement


“When the opportunity came to join the team at Kiln Frog, I jumped on it. It is extremely satisfying to work for a company that puts customer service at the top of the list. I truly enjoy helping our customers find the right kiln for their needs.”

Paul's journey in clay started at a very young age. His 7th grade art classroom had a kiln in it, and he cleaned slip-cast greenware, loaded the kiln for bisque firings, unloaded bisqueware, applied glazes, loaded the glazed bisqueware for glaze firings, and unloaded the finished pieces. In college and after, he honed those same creative skills by learning how to throw pots on a wheel, taking classes and having a great time.

Paul is a creative soul and loves to teach those same creative skills to others! He spent 20 years teaching high school choir in Texas, (which if you’re not from Texas, Competitive Choir is considered a sport here!) Paul says the time he spent in the public schools taught him a lot about how to be patient and also how to communicate with others.

Almost 30 years after taking that first pottery class he bought a wheel, then a kiln. After mastering crystalline glazes and wheel throwing, he learned glass fusing and glass vessel sinks. Now, Paul now spends more time fusing glass than throwing pots but has a wealth of knowledge about both media. There’s just no stopping him! Paul also finds it very rewarding to share in the creative process with others.


Chief Operating Officer


“Our customer’s needs come before what’s good for the manufacturer or what’s easy for us. So we stay focused on taking care of our customer’s interests first, and being honest and fair. That way I can sleep well at night. It’s really gratifying that customers trust us to keep coming back over and over and referring their friends and colleagues, too! I want every customer to feel welcome here regardless of their experience or knowledge base. We’re here for you, just ask!”

Gail started her kiln journey 20 years ago, after her leaving successful corporate communications career behind. Her BFA and MFA degrees in Art Education fuel a joy for creating, teaching, and a passion to help others find their artistic voice. She has done it all; from metal clay, glass fusing, pottery, furnace work, metalsmithing, torch work, printmaking, and crayons. Throughout the last twenty years, Gail has been teaching techniques to artists all over the world. Mostly, she is kiln crazy! Since 2003 her store sold glass working and metalsmithing supplies and taught workshops in both disciplines, it was her devotion and obsession. In 2010 she launched, which has become the #1 online destination for consumer kilns, ovens, furnaces, parts, and accessories in the US.


Director of Marketing


"When I saw the opportunity to join the team at Kiln Frog, I was very intrigued to enter a new industry. I love that Kiln Frog prioritizes the needs of customers and helps educate them along the way. It is fulfilling to work for a company that really cares and listens to their customers.”

In high school and in her college days, Gloria’s art classes included pottery instruction. She loved hand building with clay, and seeing the results of her work as it was taken out of the kiln. It was always exciting to her to learn more about it. Now that she joined Kiln Frog, she is even more motivated to learn new techniques for ceramics, glass, and metals. She hopes to become a better artist, creating pieces she loves while also sharing it with others.

Gloria graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University with a BBA in Marketing; with experience working in varied industries. She’s worked in retail foods, education, and the fast fashion industries. She’s managed social media and email marketing, message tailoring, and other web-based communications programs in these different industries. Each has helped her get to know her customer base even more. This led her to her ultimate love for marketing, the ability to communicate deeper with potential customers. To think deeper, beyond just surface conversation. Her experience working in these different industries has enabled her integrate messages that align with her customer’s wants and needs. Her love for understanding people and getting to know them, translates to her love of industry research. Gloria is always striving to better serve and communicate to the needs of our professional client base.


At KilnFrog, LLC. our mission to be unbiased and look for real word solutions also guides our principles on how we approach our employees, customers, and suppliers. Our mindset on diversity is simple, it’s about embracing everyone. We commit to maintain an inclusive workforce that fully represents many different cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints. We embrace employees and candidates who share our spirit to make this vision a reality regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, gender identity, ethnicity, or religion.


  • SMWBE (State of Texas/Bexar County) Woman-Owned Business
  • DUNS: 024981360
  • NAISC Code: 333994 / 332811
  • SIC Code: 35590600


Why do you carry multiple brands of kilns?

CUSTOMER FOCUS! Just like all people don't have the same size feet, all customers don't have the same kiln needs. Potters don't need the same kilns as knife makers, jewelers, scientists, and glass makers. Each kiln company configures their kilns differently and offers different models, etc. It's all about choices! We want to match the right customer with the right kiln regardless of the manufacturer. This means being loyal to our customers needs, not to our vendors.

Why do you carry the brands that you do? SERVICE FOCUS!

The brands we carry have all committed to a partnership of servicing the customer with KilnFrog. We have established a long-term relationship of trust with them to honor our commitment to service and customer satisfaction. That means if you're not happy, then neither are we. We all work together to make sure the customer is happy in the end. We're proud to represent them as brand partners.