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If you’re looking for a way to add a whole different dimension to your ceramic art then you’ll want to investigate gas kiln firing. With gas firing, you have the ultimate control over the atmosphere your work is exposed to, which directly affects the final outcome of your glazes and clay bodies.

Gas fired kilns are a very popular choice for pottery kilns used today. This may be because gas kilns can be efficient both financially and from an environmental standpoint. They are cleaner than wood-burning units and use less energy than electric units. In certain areas, depending on fuel costs, they may also cost less to run.  Natural Gas vs Propane Here's the Skinny!

Here you’ll find lots of models of gas fired kilns to choose from that will suit your environment and firing style. Whether you choose an updraft or downdraft kiln, your work is large or small, a gas firing kiln can be tailored to meet your needs and expand your possibilities. Olympic's gas fired kilns are equipped to fire propane or natural gas and are configured with Raku lifts and adjustable rings. There's something for everyone!

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