Propane vs Natural Gas

    • LOW PRESSURE REGULATOR must be used for Torchbearer kilns and Raku kilns firing with propane. It varies for kilns firing natural gas. Low pressure regulators can be purchased with your Olympic kiln or from your gas supplier.
    • PROPANE – 11” Water Column
    • NATURAL GAS – 7” Water Column


    Olympic gas kiln burners are factory set for use on either propane or natural gas, determined by the customer’s order. Customers must specify which gas they will be using when ordering their kiln.



    If propane is used, your tank must have a low-pressure regulator like those on a camper or trailer. If an adjustable regulator is used, approximately ½ pound of pressure is necessary.

    The gas pipeline needs to be a hard line with a ¾” inside diameter. The line should run 20 – 40 ft. long from the propane tank.

    The larger the tank the better; however, a five (5) gallon tank is the minimum size for the 1827G or 18 Raku and a 15 gallon tank is the minimum size for the 2327G/23 Raku and 2827G/28 Raku kilns. Due to gas flow, the propane tank may have a tendency to freeze solid. If ice is observed forming on the outside of the tank, water can be run over it to help keep it melted. The tank can also be lowered into a large bucket of warm water.

    When portable tanks are used for rakuing, keep gas tanks at a safe distance from the kiln.



    A larger burner orifice is necessary when used on natural gas pressure, six (6) to eight (8) inches of water column is required. If your kiln was ordered for use on household natural gas, it is equipped this way.

    The natural gas pipeline that connects to the kiln needs to be one that has a ¾” inside diameter.