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When you've got metal parts to heat treat, Olympic has the kilns you can count on! No matter the size, shape or temperature necessary, Olympic makes the perfect heat treating kiln for your workshop, lab, or manufacturing floor.

Available in multiple configurations, the Olympic heat treating kilns can handle any type of metal and just about every annealing, normalizing, or hardening process necessary. They are available with swing doors or guillotine doors that are constructed with heavy-duty hardware for years of hardworking personal or commercial use. 

Every model in Olympic Kilns' Heat Treating Series delivers:

  • Dependable heat from strong, long-lasting, heavy-duty elements.
  • Reliable temperature control from a variety of true-tested digital controllers.
  • Capable interior space in multiple configurations with attached stands. 
  • Strong construction that lasts and lasts through years of use.
  • Superior and cost-efficient insulation due to the finest high-fire 3" brick.
  • Trouble-free maintenance with Electrical Parts Kits.
  • Solid State Relay upgrades are available.
  • And, of course... fast and friendly customer service assistance when you need help, you can count on them!

Add one of these to your shop, and you're set for any job that requires you to be a metal master! 

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
Save $314.00
Olympic Kiln - 129FLE - Kiln Frog
Olympic Kiln - 129FLE
Sale price$1,256.00 Regular price$1,570.00
Save $528.00
Olympic Kiln - 1823FLE - kilnfrog.com
Olympic Kiln - 1823FLE
Sale price$2,112.00 Regular price$2,640.00
Save $424.00
Olympic Kiln - 1414FLE - Kiln Frog
Olympic Kiln - 1414FLE
Sale price$1,696.00 Regular price$2,120.00
Save $474.00
Olympic Kiln - 1818FLE - Kiln Frog
Olympic Kiln - 1818FLE
Sale price$1,896.00 Regular price$2,370.00
Save $358.00
Olympic Kiln - 1214FLE - kilnfrog.com
Olympic Kiln - 1214FLE
Sale price$1,432.00 Regular price$1,790.00
Save $804.00
Olympic Kiln - FL8E - kilnfrog.com
Olympic Kiln - FL8E
Sale price$7,236.00 Regular price$8,040.00
Save $653.10
Olympic Kiln - DPF FL12E - kilnfrog.com
Olympic Kiln - FL12E
Sale price$8,676.90 Regular price$9,330.00
Save $620.90
Olympic Kiln - FL10E
Olympic Kiln - FL10E
Sale price$8,249.10 Regular price$8,870.00
Save $4,199.25
Olympic Kiln - GF32E BELL
Olympic Kiln - GF32E BELL
Sale price$23,795.75 Regular price$27,995.00
Save $1,730.40
Olympic Kiln - FL42E
Olympic Kiln - FL42E
Sale price$22,989.60 Regular price$24,720.00
Save $1,906.45
Olympic Kiln - FL53E
Olympic Kiln - FL53E
Sale price$25,328.55 Regular price$27,235.00
Save $1,573.95
Olympic Kiln - FL36E
Olympic Kiln - FL36E
Sale price$20,911.05 Regular price$22,485.00
Save $1,357.65
Olympic Kiln - FL31E
Olympic Kiln - FL31E
Sale price$18,037.35 Regular price$19,395.00
Save $1,058.75
Olympic Kiln - FL24E
Olympic Kiln - FL24E
Sale price$14,066.25 Regular price$15,125.00
Save $876.00
Olympic Kiln - FL5.5E - kilnfrog.com
Olympic Kiln - FL5.5E
Sale price$6,424.00 Regular price$7,300.00
Save $607.00
Olympic Kiln - FL4.5E - kilnfrog.com
Olympic Kiln - FL4.5E
Sale price$5,463.00 Regular price$6,070.00

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