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Covington Engineering

All Covington Engineering equipment is assembled by specially trained technicians. These technicians ensure that each piece of machinery works properly and holds tight tolerances. It is not unusual for a customer to bring in a piece of equipment that is decades old and simply need a small repair or refurbishment. It is this idea that a product should last generations that gives our product a competitive edge. You can buy a Covington unit and know that it will last for years to come.

All Covington engineering equipment undergoes rigorous testing in our factory. Although they do their utmost to prevent a defective item from leaving the facility, occasionally a defective part will not show problematic symptoms in house. This is why Covington Engineering provides a full one year warranty against defective parts. 

It is Covington’s philosophy that equipment should last a life time. Although this may mean they are slowly working themselves out of a job, they truly believe that anything less than their absolute best is no way to do business. You can believe in Covington Engineering equipment and their customer service department always gives 100% effort!



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