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Covington - Deluxe Commercial Wet Belt Sander #761 - Kiln Frog

Covington - Deluxe Commercial Wet Belt Sander #761

$ 786.25 $ 925.00

This deluxe Covington Commercial Wet Belt Sander and Polisher is designed for production type work.  The 3" x 41 1/2" size belts provide for greater surface cutting and extended belt life. Additionally, the 13" high back plate is standard on this machine making it possible to wet sand pieces vertically.

Each machine includes:

  • Unobstructed access to the sanding work area
  • 13" Backplate
  • 4" Backplate
  • Belt guard mounted and ready to plug-in and operate
  • New rustproof aluminum topped Lami-I-Cushion base
  • Built-in water valve and spray nozzle
  • Delivery sponge for applying water to belt
  • Single control alignment to keep the belt running true
  • Shielded bearings, double sealed and greased for life
  • Operating instructions and guarantee
  • **Belts are NOT included... please order if you need them**


  • Motor: 1/2 hp, 110v motor 
  • Size: 25"L x 13"W x 27H
  • Water valve takes 1/4" O.D. plastic tube for gravity water flow or 1/4" copper tube for pressure system
  • Drain system can be provided by 1/2" O.D. plastic tube. Just squeeze tube end and insert in drain port. Overflow can then drain from sander tank.
  • Shipping weight: 50 lbs (Ships is factory-direct via UPS)

Instructions: Download

Belt Starter Kit
This belt polisher is normally sold with a single belt, we've bundled in a PACK of 10!

Our Starter Kit contains 1-60 grit, 2-80 grit, 1-100 grit, 2-220 grit, 1-320 grit, 1-400 grit, 1-600 grit, and 1-800 grit. These 3" x 41 1/2" Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts are the proper fit for the Deluxe Commercial Wet Belt Sander, #761.

You can add extras of any grit to your set to get more of what you need! Want a special mix? Call or email us and we will personalize the mix to your needs!


Water Hook up
There are a few options available for water hook-up to your new Covington Commercial Wet Belt Sander and Polisher. The two most common are the 2-Gallon Pressure Tank, which provides water to the belt with only a few pumps of pressure, or the water pump, which provides constant water to the belt.

Both methods are efficient and inexpensive. The Pressure Tank will hook right into your sander valve and must be tightened down sufficiently for the aluminum tubing to remain in the valve. Simply give the pressure tank a few pumps and the water will begin to spray onto the belt. You will occasionally have to pump the handle to keep pressure in the tank and keep the water flowing.

The water pump is a submersible unit that must be placed into a bucket of water. The pump has a quick-connect attachment for the ¼” plastic tubing. Simply press the tubing into the quick connect and it will stay in place. The other end of the tubing must be placed securely into the sander valve using a copper fitting with the tubing. This fitting prevents leaking. Once the tubing is connected, simply plug the pump into an outlet, make sure the valve is open and it will begin putting water onto your belt.

We also recommend purchasing a drain kit with your sander to eliminate dirty water as it accumulates in the pan. Simply remove the drain plug, attach the drain kit, and put the remaining tubing into a bucket. By removing the water from the pan, you prevent overflow, cross-contamination, and scratching of your pieces.

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