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Bullseye Glass - Studio Fuser Pack (8315) - Kiln Frog

Bullseye Glass - Studio Fuser Pack (8315)

$ 288.15 $ 480.25

A sampler of time-tested favorites: about 20 different colors of 3mm and 1.6mm fusible sheet glass (over 9 square feet), 10 tubes of colorful frits, 5 bags of confetti and 4 tubes of assortedcolored stringers. Ideal for the beginner, for experimentation,or jewelry projects.

TOADally Hip TIP: This is the perfect pack for those just getting started in fusing. The selection is fantastic! This is just a taste of almost everything so you can get the feel of thins, standards, irids, powder, frit, stringer, and confetti. There is no more comprehensive kit to get you started.  This kit is a bargain! 

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