Bullseye Glass - Class Pack (8359)

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A colorful assortment of Bullseye Compatible transparent, opalescent, iridescent, and clear glasses, individually marked for easy reference. May include some fusible Curious styles. Approximately 45 pieces of 10" x 10" (25 x 25 cm); or 38 pieces measuring 5" x 10" (12 x 25 cm) plus 25 pieces of 10" x 10" (25 x 25 cm). About 45 lbs (20.4 kg)/30 sq ft (2.78 m2) of glass.

TOADally Hip TIP:  If your kiln shelf is 13" or under, these 10" x 10" squares will deliver virtually no waste. The 5" x 10" pieces are great for embellishments and jewelry. Mix this with your Tekta pack and you are set for the duration! The case is compact and makes it easy to store your glass.  Bullseye Square "Sushi" Slumper Mold #8634 fits this glass perfectly!