Wanted to share this great tip from our friends @ Jen-Ken Kilns:

It's that time of year again, it's storm season in various parts of the country. During this time, we start getting "those" calls...

"My kiln was fine and now it wont come on!"

"I was firing, and all of the sudden I smelled something electrical burning!"

"My display just flickers and beeps!" 

These are just a few of the typical issues. Over the years, we've seen the pattern and we've found the one common thread. It's storm season. We take so many calls like this a year, and every time we trace the symptoms back to one thing: LIGHTNING! When lightning strikes nearby, it sends a very HIGH VOLTAGE SURGE throughout the entire electrical system in your house. Unfortunately, you just can't plug your kiln into a surge protector to prevent the surge from zapping your kiln. The circuit board is the most expensive part on your entire kiln, and a good power surge will knock it out faster than anything else! It can also cause other problems, like burning out relays, and damaging your transformer.

We know you love your kiln, and we want you to protect your baby! SO WHAT CAN YOU DO... If you have a digital kiln, PLEASE UNPLUG IT when it's not in use. Just like your computer or other expensive electronics, your kiln needs protection especially during storm season. Also, never fire a kiln when lightning is nearby. If your kiln is firing and a storm comes up, end your program as soon as you can and unplug the kiln. Don't just hope for the best! Don't let your kiln be the victim of mother nature!

If need us, as always we're here to help.

All the Best and Happy Firing,
The Jen-Ken Tech Girl

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