Introducing the newest additions to our kiln family American Rotary's line of Hot Shot Ovens & Kilns.

Hot Shot Kilns and Ovens are innovative and exciting and the best the industry has to offer. They deliver ease of use and upgraded features for the best price. Their parent company, American Rotary is a UL Certified Control Panel Builder, and its kilns and ovens are UL Listed to US and Canadian Safety Standards.

Hot Shot Oven and Kiln’s line has multiple different series available for every knife, jewelry or pottery maker. These kilns/ovens can handle any type of firing, heat treating or tempering and drying. These ovens feature a Cool Touch Technology and Side Opening Fiber Lined Doors with Cool Touch Handles that provides a safe exterior temperature to allow for safer operation and protection of its surroundings. These kilns feature a one-of-a-kind rear vented cooling fan.

HS 360 Series... The HS 360 series line includes HS-360, HS-360-PRO, and HS-360T, capable of firing for all heat treating and tempering projects. Need more information? Click HS-360 Manual, HS-360T Manual, or HS-360-PRO Manual to read more about these kilns/ovens. 

HS 360D… The HS 360 Duplex is just like HS 360 but with two ovens in one! Top oven of this kiln is capable of firing to 2000° F for Heat Treating and the bottom oven can fire up to 600° F for Tempering and Drying. Read all about this kiln, click here to learn more.

HS 1200...The HS-1200 AND HS-1200 PRO  is a 240V heat treating front loading oven and/or kiln that can be used for many different makers. Learn more about HS-1200 click here to read this manual OR HS-1200 PRO click here to read this manual

BEST OF ALL, these ovens don't have long wait times, these kilns usually ship within 5-7 business days!! HOW AWESOME!!! Check out what Hot Shot Oven and Kilns have to offer. Learn more about these ovens/kilns and ORDER TODAY!!

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