PART TWO: 12-Key Controller Tips & Tricks

Happy Firing!! Now, a post for all you 12-button controller owners. Here are a few tricks that are good to know to help you be in better control of your firings! These tricks should apply to all of the following controllers!
    • Changing a Target Temperature During a Firing - If the kiln is firing and you need to modify the current ramp target temperature (or hold time), Press the #4 USER PROG key. The controller will display the current target temperature and setting. Use the numeric keypad to change the temperature value and press ENTER. The controller will next display the current ramp hold time and setting. This too can be modified if necessary. Press ENTER again to exit the editing mode.
        • Adding Time to a Hold - If the kiln is firing and you need to add time to the current ramp hold time, press the #2 ADD TIME key. Five (5) minutes will be added to the hold time each time the key is pressed. If the firing is in the first ramp, you can only edit the first ramp hold time. To edit the second ramp hold time, wait until the firing has progressed into the second ramp.
            • Skip Step - To end a hold before the time has expired, use the Skip Step function to advance to the next ramp. Press the #9 SKIP key to view the next ramp and press ENTER.
                • Threshold Alarm - To sound an audible alarm when the controller reaches a temperature, press the #7 ALARM key. ALAR shows in the display alternating with the alarm temperature. You can use the numerical keypad to enter a new alarm temperature or press Enter to keep the existing value. Setting the value to zero disables the alarm feature. When the kiln reaches the alarm temperature, the display will indicate ALAR and the buzzer will sound. Silence the alarm by pressing any key except STOP. Pressing STOP ends the firing. You can program the alarm before you start the firing or during the firing.
                  Hopefully, these few tips will help your work be the best it can be! If you are interested in learning more about the different controller options that are available check out our controller option videos here!
                  Your Kiln Gal,

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