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When it comes to the next generation of kiln smart controllers, you now have multiple options... the Tap Controller from SDS Industries and the Genesis - Model 2.0/Genesis Mini 1120 from Bartlett Instrument Company, and the all new Slide Controller from Orton Ceramics. Check them out!

Plus... check out our videos showing how to use various other controllers too!

      AutoFire Slide Controller from Orton Ceramics

      The all new AutoFire Slide Controller is the latest smart controller on the market.  It has all of the great features of the Orton AutoFire 4000 controller with the added advantage of a user friendly touch screen interface. 

      In Ceramic Mode, the controller provides quick selection of preset Cone programs from Cone 022 to Cone 12. These programs are designed specifically for ceramic firings that require specific heat-work to properly bend an Orton Pyrometric Cone.

      In User Mode, Artists working in glass love that the AutoFire Slide Controller allows the user to create, program and save 35 separate firing schedules with 20 user defined heating and cooling rates, target temperatures and hold times.  This mode is perfect for glass firing.

      The new Orton AutoFire Slide Controller is available on most Jen Ken kilns.

      For more information on the new Slide Controller, download the Orton AutoFire Slide Manual here.

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      TAP Controller from SDS Industries

      Introducing TAP, by SDS Industries... The Most Advanced Kiln Control Technology Available! TAP (Temperature Automation by Proportional-Integral-Derivative) is the first commercially available consumer kiln controller that utilizes an intuitive graphical user interface to enable the glass or ceramic artist to immediately start programming and operating their kiln.

      For all of us less technical, regular folks... this means interactive touch screen! TAP is designed with similar functionality to many current 3-key and 12-key controllers, such as an Orton AutoFire® 3000 or the Sentry 2.0 Controller. However, its new technology provides the user with easier programming, more memory, and ultimately more control. ***NOW BETTER THAN EVER, Introducing it's newest design with WiFi built into the controllers! That's right no more Wi-Fi dongle necessary! (*for single zone units. For multi-zone units, you'll still need the WiFi Dongle, a plug and play device that functions as a receiver for your controller. Click Here! **IMPORTANT: This Dongle can ONLY receive 2.4, NOT 5ghz!

      This controller is available on most Evenheat, Jen-Ken, and Hot Shot Ovens and Kilns. Need more information... download the TAP User Manual.

        TAP MOBILE from SDS Industries

        Make your firings a smoother and easier process with TAP Controller's Mobile App. Remote monitor your firings with by-the-minute updates. TAP Mobile has the ability to make it easy to create, modify and update schedules remotely. Best of all, you can get push notifications about schedule step advancement, firing completion, and error conditions. Download the TAP Mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and begin monitoring your kiln remotely!

        Follow the steps below to get started!

        1. Once you have downloaded the TAP Mobile app, tap "Create Account" at the bottom of your screen.

        2. Enter your personal information.

        3. To add your kiln, click the bottom right "+", add Kiln Name and UID (to find your UID info, on your TAP Controller, tap "Menu", then "Settings", and "Network")

        4. Once you have added your kiln, you are ready to monitor your firings!

        *Please note TAP Mobile App offers monthly and annual subscription plans based on your preferred use. 

        Basic Subscription allows you to:

        • Operate your kiln with an easy-to-use, precise, touchscreen controller
        • Create, edit, label, and save an unlimited number of firing schedules and steps – no support manual or firing codes needed
        • Quickly check the status of your kilns with easy-to-read indicators, simple graphs of your schedules and current firings, and push notifications to your mobile devices 
        • Fully control and monitor your projects remotely via the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app, with the option for extra features via in-app purchases

        Premium Subscription allows you to:

        • All the features above
        • Start, stop and adjust your kiln schedules from your mobile device
        • More accurately price your work and report business expenses with electric usage tracking
        • Set alerts to be notified when equipment on your kiln (relay, thermocouple, and elements) are nearing their lifespan so you can replace them BEFORE they conk out mid-project

        Watch their live demo below and learn how to monitor your firings with the TAP Mobile App! 


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        Genesis 2.0/Genesis Mini 1120 from the Bartlett Instrument Company

        The Genesis Model 2.0 and the Genesis Mini have a modern and intuitive user platform with touch-screen technology for an effortless user interface. It can store up to 12 custom user programs with up to 32 segments per program and has the ability to make adjustment during a firing such as add segments, add temperature, and skip segments. Additionally, the easy-to-follow screen descriptions and graphical display of the firing process, allow the Genesis kiln controller to make firing kilns extremely straightforward. The Genesis Mini Model 1120 unit comes with all the great features of the Genesis 2.0 but in a small package, with a modern and intuitive design. **The model 1120 directly replaces the Autofire®️ Express and Sentry Xpress controllers made by Orton.

        This controller is available on most Evenheat, Olympic, Seattle Pottery Supply, and Paragon kilns. Not to confuse the issue any further, the new Genesis 2.0 kiln controller is known as the "Sentinel Smart Touch" on Paragon kilns or "Icon+" on Evenheat kilns. Same great controller, just a different name.

        Need more information... download the Genesis 2.0/Genesis Mini 1120 Product Manual.

        **All Bartlett Instrument Controllers: Genesis (AKA Paragon Sentinel Smart Touch) and Genesis Mini controllers have a warranty of one year.

        Bartlett KilnAid Phone App

        With Barlett introducing new modern and intuitive user platform interfaces. Comes along their newest kiln monitoring app! Monitor your Bartlett Genesis controller with the Kiln Aid Phone app. All you have to do is download the Kiln Aid phone app from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store, add your kiln, and begin monitoring as your kiln progresses through a firing.

        Dont have an account with Bartlett yet? Follow these steps to get you started! Click here!

        Watch Bartlett's tutorial below on how to set up the KilnAid App to your Genesis controller!


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        Icon (Spark) Controller by Evenheat

        The Icon is built around Bartlett's new Spark platform and brings touchscreen design to the market at a lower price point.

        The Icon / Spark was rigorously field-tested by Bartlett, Evenheat and others over the latter course of 2023. Programming was found to be clean and simple. User interaction with the display was deemed excellent. As expected the Quiet Drive Solid State relay performed beautifully. In the end, victory.

        As with other Evenheat control designs, the Icon adds to the existing Spark control platform with improvements like Special Limits thermocouples for precise temperature sensing and non-metallic faceplates for excellent Wi-Fi reception for the Bartlett on-line App. The Icon brings outstanding value and performance to the marketplace.

        For more information on the Icon (Spark) visit Bartlett Instruments at