Volume & Bubble Control

Bullseye Glass Studio Tip:
No matter if you are new to fusing, or have been doing it for years, bubble control is part of your life. For many kilnformers and glass artists, nothing is more frustrating than when a project emerges from the kiln distorted or full of large bubbles. For others, controlling distortions and bubbles may be an integral component of their work.
Whether you wish to avoid them or control them, you will need a fundamental understanding of the factors that cause distortions in kiln-glass.
In TechNote 5: Volume and Bubble Control, Bullseye Glass shares a number of great tips on how to mitigate trapped air and control volume, which will help you manage distortions and bubbles in a variety of kiln-glass techniques.
Another way to minimize the look of bubbles is detailed in this Quick Tip from Bullseye: Powder Power for Bubble Control. It states... Add a light application of Clear powder between the layers with a full-fuse firing schedule. That’s right: between the layers! You’ll actually trap more bubbles, but they’ll be smaller than the usual “champagne” bubbles—and to that we say, “Cheers!
Check out some of our glass kilns to fire your cut pieces however you desire:
Jen-Ken Kiln - AFG ProFusion Fiber 26

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