The Psychology of Color!

As artists, we know that the mind is highly responsive to visual stimuli, and color is the most defining factor in that response. On many levels, colors convey meaning – not only in the natural world but also within our culture. Companies have used these responses for years to accent their branding messages and stir up emotional energy... so, is it crazy to think the same theory is true about picking a color for your kiln?

My answer to the question is no... it's not crazy, it's fabulous! Now that Paragon kilns offers custom colors at no additional charge, it's even easier to use your kiln as part of your artistic inspiration. The manufacturer has different options but, overall berry is our #1 custom color! 
❤️RED - Stimulating and passionate, the color red always makes a strong statement! As a dominating color, red also adds gravity and heightened awareness – quite literally, as the color increases blood circulation, breathing rates, and metabolism.
🧡ORANGE - If you want an energetic vibe, try orange! Sharing red's energizing aspects, but to a safer degree, orange is a good way to add excitement without severity. It's generally playful, and some claim it creates haste and plays on impulse. 
💜PURPLE -  Want help getting those brain synapses firing? Purple utilizes both red and blue to provide a nice balance between stimulation and serenity that is supposed to encourage creativity. Light purple is said to result in a peaceful surrounding, thus relieving tension.
💚GREEN/💙BLUE -  If you looking for your studio to be a peaceful and calming environment, you might consider using green and/or blue. These cool colors are typically considered restful. There is actually a bit of scientific logic applied to this – because the eye focuses the color green directly on the retina, it is said to be less stressful on your eye muscles.
💗PINK - Being a tint of red, pink also affects us physically, but it soothes, rather than stimulates. The color pink has associations with fascination, positive energy and compassion. Psychologically, pink is one of the most powerful colors!

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