The holidays are coming — break out the punch! (The paper punch, that is)

Bullseye Glass Quick Tip:

In this Quick Tip, you will learn how to combine punched silver foil design elements with Tomato Red Opalescent for something truly festive just in time for the holidays!

Silver, in the form of thin sheets, can be fired with glass in the kiln to produce a palette of effects, ranging from subtle to dramatic. We just love the variety of effects you can get!

Keep in mind, when working with foil that sometimes it can be a real pain as it's super thin and likes to stick to everything. So, before punching out shapes or cutting them with scissors, take the extra time to sandwich the silver foil between sheets of paper. This creates a toothy structure that cuts cleanly and keeps the foil from tearing. 

Bullseye Kiln-glass Education Online also has a great video lesson if you want to learn more about Using Foils with Kiln-Glass.

Enjoy the punch!

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