Sweet Dotted Bowls

Bullseye Glass Quick Tip:

In this Quick Tip, learn how to make these sweet dotted bowls with Color Line Paints and the simplest of tools!

To get started, layer two 4.75 ̋ circles of colorful 3mm sheet combinations and fire to a full fuse. For a slightly thinner, lighter bowl, swap the top 3mm layer for thin (-0050). The thinner top layer will contract just enough to form a narrow border of the base color along the bowl’s rim. Once your blanks are ready, let the fun begin!

Using pins, toothpicks, and Color Line’s affixable tips, add dots and flourishes of Color Line Paint in organic patterns. Explore the diversity of colors and the bold-to-whimsical mark-making range that these ready-to-use, lead-free enamels make possible. Easily mixable, they’re also great for developing your own custom colors.

Fuse the Color Line enamels to a gloss by firing the painted blanks, then slump in a Ball Surface mold (firing schedules below). Firing Color Line reds often requires a little extra attention.

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