Ready. Set. Fire with Shelf Paper!

We all know that glass will fuse to an unprotected ceramic kiln shelf. And, nothing is worse than opening up the kiln to find that your project is stuck. Kiln wash or shelf primer will work but, as an alternative, you can also use shelf paper. Shelf paper is a heat-resistant light weight ceramic-based paper that provides excellent separation between your kiln shelf and your glass. It's easy and has some great benefits!

Reduces Prep Time - No need to mix or stir the primer, buy or clean an applicator brush. No need to wait for the fusing primer to dry between shelf coatings. Just cut to shelf size, place on the shelf, insert into the kiln and start firing!

Achieves Exceptional Separation - A single layer of paper will prevent glass from sticking to the shelf at full fusing temperatures.

Reduces Breakage - When shelf primer is applied unevenly, glass may stick to bare or unevenly coated areas during expansion. When this happens, glass can pull apart and break. Shelf paper ensures an even coat between the glass and kiln.

Reduces Air Bubbles - Shelf paper is porous, allowing air to circulate. This reduces the probability of air bubbles from forming between the glass and kiln shelf.

Now that we understand the advantages of shelf paper, let's look at your two options:

Bullseye ThinFire Shelf Paper provides excellent separation between glass and kiln shelf in firing applications up to 1600˚F (871˚C).  Compared to other ceramic fiber materials, ThinFire is lightweight, creates less binder burnout odor, and produces a glossier finish on the shelf side of your project. Bullseye ThinFire Shelf Paper is a single-use material that is reduced to a fine layer of ash after firing. For best results, download the Bullseye ThinFire Shelf Paper PDF.

PAPYROS Shelf Paper is a ceramic-based paper specially formulated for glass fusing. It is quite durable, and can be used multiple times as tends to retain its paper-like qualities during firing, rather than decomposing into loose dust. This is a great quality as is allows for fast and easy clean up. PAPYROS is available in a wide variety of sizes including rolls, pre-cut rounds and sheets making it super user friendly! For best results, download the PAPYROS PDF.

Whichever you chose, they both provide an excellent substitute to shelf primer or kiln wash, reduce preparation time and improve surface release. Happy fusing!

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