How to Level Your Kiln with a Smartphone

I'm always reading about new things you can do with your iPhone but, this one is really cool! Did you know that your iPhone has a level hidden in the compass application? So, if you can't find your level... just break out your iPhone and you are all set to go!

  1. Remove the phone case for better accuracy.
  2. Touch the Compass icon. 
  3. Tilt the phone at different angles to calibrate the level. When this is finished, a compass will appear.
  4. Slide your finger from right to left and magically the spirit level will appear.
  5. Place the phone on a kiln shelf, and adjust the shelf until the two circles overlap. 
  6. A green screen will appear, indicating that the shelf is level.
Other brands of smartphones can also level a kiln and the directions would be similar. Before you trust the accuracy of any smartphone, please test it with a good spirit level.

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