High Heat = Shorter Life Span

Unfortunately, it's true... All those pesky parts inside the controller box with prolonged exposure to high heat, will have a shorter lifespan. And, if you don't have solid state relays, those mechanical relays inside the box when exposed to high heat will be more prone to locking in the closed or on position. So, what is high heat, and how can I prevent it to ensure a longer life for my kiln?

Many studios have kilns located in areas without environmental controls and poor airflow (This is a fancy way to no air conditioning.), which causes the ambient temperature to be well above 110°F... a.k.a. high heat! This is especially true for those us of with kilns located in the garage. This is hard  not just on the relays but also on the digital controllers.
To counteract those high ambient temperatures and improve the lifespan of your controller, we suggest using a fan to blow air across the electric components. It doesn't need to be a large, industrial fan. Just a small, four to eight inch fan on low speed will be very effective. We use a personal desk fan and it works perfectly

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