Get the Look with Stripes and Dots

Bullseye Glass Quick Tip:

This Quick Tip, shows you how to get a fun summer look using rods to easily create simple stripes and dots.

Stripes - Use a complete layer of rods as the base, then cap with 3 mm Clear and fire to a full fuse. To ease set-up and prevent rods from rolling, make yourself a square frame from 1/16" fiber paper. After firing, the shelf side will have a smooth, semi-matte finish, while the top has glossy goodness. Slump with either side up!

For variation in line width, place a stringer in the low spot between rods. Stringers are great and will stay perfectly straight through the fuse.

If you are looking to cut rods in bulk, try securing the bundle with rubber bands and using a wet tile saw. Not only will this save time, it will also make your rod cuts straight and even!

Dots - Nip rods into 3-5 mm sections, and arrange them on a sheet of 3 mm Clear. Place this on a base of 3 mm opalescent and fire to a full fuse. To maintain a square footprint and control volume, use shorter snippets closest to the perimeter.

Designer Marc Jacobs says... "There is never a wrong time for a polka dot" and, we totally agree!

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