Our Parent company, American Commercial Furnace, Inc. also owns HeatTreatNow.com, a website that specializes in the industrial kilns, tools, supplies, and accessory equipment brands from the highest quality American manufacturers. Some of the same suppliers we carry, and some that we do not distribute.

Check out their individual customizable options for collections of commercial ovens and furnaces from Paragon Industries, Cress Manufacturing, Evenheat Kilns, Hot Shot Oven & Kiln, and Olympic Kilns. They also carry the full line of Covington Engineering grinders, saws, and polishing lapping equipment i.e. rociprolaps, vibralaps, etc. They also carry the full compliment of Ameribrade grinder's full sets as well as accessories for all you metal grinding needs just like we do.

Welcome to the family Heattreatnow.com

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