Paragon Ready-to-Ship Kilns

We all know that the pandemic has hit all of the manufacturing industries pretty hard and it is just taking longer to get anything these days. Try going out and finding a washer and dryer that isn’t going to take weeks for delivery! The kiln industry has been hit pretty hard, too. Some kiln manufacturers went from taking a few weeks to taking several months to get a kiln built and ready to ship!



The Paragon Ready-to-Ship kilns leave the factory in 3-5 business days from the time of order. They’re equipped with the most popular options, have available shelf kits, PLUS free shipping!

Check out the Paragon Ready-to-Ship kilns here

Paragon Ready-to-Ship Kilns

So, you need a kiln right away and you just don't have time to wait months for a new kiln to be manufactured.  Not a problem! We have ten different kilns in the Paragon Ready-to-Ship program capable of fusing glass, firing ceramics, heat treating, and even doing some hard work in the factory and they are ready to go out the door and on their way to you in 3-5 business days.

The Paragon TNF series kilns are great for ceramic artist, and we have four of them in the Ready-to-Ship program. The TNF1613 is a great size for the home artist and can fire all the way to cone 10! Need something a little larger? The TNF82 (cone 8) and TNF823 (cone 10) give you the same 15” shelf size, but more depth to accommodate those taller pieces or multiple layers of mugs and bowls. We even have the TNF233 which is 22.5” in diameter and 22.25” in depth and it also fires to cone 10! These kilns do great heat treatment work too!


If you like to do ceramics and glass fusing, the Janus1613 and the Janus23 Dual Media Kilns give you the flexibility to do both in one kiln. These are true cone 10 kilns, but they have additional elements in the lid to get perfect glass fusing results. Many dual media kilns don’t allow you to fire to cone 10 easily, but the Janus series kilns from Paragon are genuinely flexible kilns that do ceramics and glass fusing equally well with excellent results.


We also have the entire line of SC kilns in our Ready-to-Ship program. These kilns are the industry standard for jewelry work, for metal clay, enameling, casting, annealing, wax burnout, and more. We even have the special glass kiln the Fusion 17 Trio (S1310 model) in the program if bottle slumping is your thing. This kiln is the perfect 120 volt plug in anywhere kiln!


Check out our Paragon kilns that are ready to be shipped out here:

Paragon Ready-to-Ship Kilns

As always, we are here for you. Give us a call at 361-596-3764 or send us an email at if you have any questions!

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