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Nothing is More Important Than Workshop Safety!

As we have heard a million times, “We're here to have fun, not to get injured.” Nowhere is that more imperative than in your studio or workshop. Protecting yourself from common issues is the first step.

From Safety Gloves to Safety Glasses, sometimes it's just hard to find exactly what you need! With that in mind and a little inspiration from the epic song lyrics of Tina Turner... we have put together a few Kiln Frog favorites for you.

The BEST Eye, Ear, and Lung Protection

Your EYES - Keeping your eyes – and in some cases, your face –covered is the easy way to prevent injury.  Using safety goggles when running most machines is plenty.  In the case of a lathe or some saws, you may need the greater protection of a full face shield to keep dust and debris out of your eyes.

Your EARS - Any time you have equipment running – peculiarly for an extended length of time – you need to cover your ears. Brief amounts of high noise levels won't instantly cause a problem, however long-term exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing permanently.

Your LUNGS - Not only is dust an eye irritant, it can irritate your lungs, nose and sinus passages too. Covering your nose and mouth with a simple dust mask will take care of most exposure. Keep in mind, dust isn’t the only irritant to your lungs. Finishes and other workshop chemicals can let off fumes that can cause your problems as well. In this situation,
you may need a more powerful mask with replaceable filters.

The BEST Safety Gloves
Workshop safety is synonymous with hand safety! Even something as small as a splinter can become an issue if left untreated, and sharp things are all over your studio or workshop. As for what type of gloves to use, there are many, many options to chose from. Just make sure to look for and use gloves that have the proper protective ability for the situation you’ll be using them for.

The BEST Workshop Safety Equipment

Did you know? Fires double every 30 seconds so, it's VERY important to stop fires fast! With that said, workshop safety equipment is a top priority! It is important to make sure you are properly prepared with good personal shop safety equipment so that you can be completely comfortable with whatever you are doing.

This is especially true when it comes to talking about Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless and toxic gas produced as a by-product of combustion. Any fuel-burning appliance, vehicle, tool or other device has the potential to produce dangerous levels of CO gas. So, having a reliable detector can really be the difference between life and death.

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