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As most of you are aware, I've been involved in glass and metal clay for the last 15 years. To be very honest with you, there have been just two serious technological advances that have impacted kiln firing during that time. The first innovation was the introduction of the full fiber kiln that is fired with no ceramic shelves, and the second is the graphical interface touch screen controller. Those of you who read the FROG BLOG know that I like to chat about the coolness and innovation of the fiber kiln. I have one, and I LOVE it! 
But, for this blog and I am sure many to follow, I'm going to explore the newest innovation, the TAP Controller. (Click the link above to see a video on how the main features of the controller work.)

The TAP Controller is the first of it's kind, but you can be sure that it won't be the last. The introduction of the touch screen controller with a graphical interface is a very long time coming. We've had iPhones and Androids for over 10 years, but still, no digital controller company has offered much more than a microwave interface. So why now?
Scott Shannon, President of SDS Industries
It's simple. It took outsiders (SDS Industries) with a love for tech and a passion for their kiln to bring us into 2015. Thanks so much from all of us!
Scott Shannon, his wife Brittany and their Engineer buddy, Matt Quantz, all millennial generation tech folks, knew there had to be a better way to deliver kiln control and a host of other cool features in a format that just makes sense and is easy to use. It took them some time, and the support of the glass fusing community through a stellar Kickstarter Campaign, but finally, it's done and available to the public.
Now the most important question... HOW CAN I GET ONE?
  • When ordered from Kiln Frog, ALL new 240 volt kilns, and some 120 volt kilns from Jen-Ken Kilns and Evenheat Kilns are available with the the TAP Controller.
  • Kilns ordered with the TAP Controller will ship at the end of September, so you could have yours in 30 days! Now, that is a WOW moment!
  • And, current kiln owners... HANG TIGHT! You can't buy the TAP Controller directly YET as a retrofit replacement for your current controller, but that is coming soon. Both Jen-Ken and Evenheat will be creating services that allow current kiln owners to upgrade to the TAP Controller with pre-loaded service benefits and programs specific to their kilns.  It won't come cheap, upwards of $450, but new technology seldom comes at bargain prices. 
  • Finally, there is no need to flood SDS Industries with phone calls to purchase a TAP Controller. At this point, SDS is only selling direct to kiln manufacturers and not all are ready for the upgrades.
Right now, Evenheat Kilns & Jen-Ken Kilns are leading the way with the TAP Controller and they are working very hard to meet the demand. Take it easy on them. They're really good people and can't wait to get you your new high-tech stuff!

Email us ( with any questions! We can't wait to hear from you!

Your Kiln Gal,
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