Time for holiday spirit!! No, Really And Here's Why...


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells , Wait - I'm Sweating!


It seems like it was just yesterday we were starting 2021! And now we have to start thinking about what gifts to buy and who it's for?  You might think this is just too early since we're in August and we're still trying to get over the summer heat.

So, why are we talking about the holidays now?

Here's the current situation; Due to global supply chain delays, many of the parts required to build kilns take longer than ever to get to our manufacturers. These delays have led to longer build times, so the time it takes to receive your kiln is a lot longer than it was before. So, to avoid disappointment when the holidays come, we're giving you the "head's up" now! If you want a kiln to arrive in time for the holiday season, you know what to do...

So, ORDER NOW!!! Before it's too late. There are only two choices for holiday kilns, Evenheat's or Paragon's. The turnaround time for Evenheat and Paragon's kilns could be up to 12 weeks. Jen-Ken and Olympic kilns turnaround time could be up to 26 weeks. You can still order from any of these kilns, we just want you to be prepared. Of course, you can always order a READY-TO-SHIP kiln, just remember there are no customizations. So, plan it out! Gift your favorite artist the kiln they have always wanted or gift one for yourself. Make it an unforgettable holiday!


Fall is coming!!

While you wait for your kiln to arrive. For the month of September, enjoy 40% off the retail price on all Bullseye Glass products at Kiln Frog. You don't have to do anything just add it to your cart and see how much you saved. Prices are low - Now don't be slow! Click here to see how much you can save.



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