Olympic Kilns are READY 2 SHIP!
The demand for kilns from all of our manufacturers has increased... especially with the holidays just around the corner! To help with that rush, we have partnered with Olympic Kilns to put together a READY to SHIP program that will allow us to ship an assortment of kilns within 3 business days! Woohoo... start your happy dance now as the waiting is over!

126 Lite
This kiln packs a lot of punch for its size. The 10" square shelf delivers a great deal of fusing space. You can fuse four 4" coasters or plates at one time, or tons of jewelry, or even a 9" square platter. The partial fiber construction makes this kiln super light so it's easy to move. The fiber also helps with heat up and cool down speeds. It's perfect for firing the new metal clay stainless steel containers, as you can put a few containers in at once.

Square 146GFE 
The Square 146GFE is equipped with a lid element for the fusing segment of the glass firing and a body element for the ramping up, down and annealing segments of the firing.  A selector switch is on the electrical box to designate either the lid or body element to heat during the firing. The 12" square shelf in this kiln allows for even bigger projects. And, the stand is tall so you won't have to bend over to load it. 

Champ XL
The Champ XL has the same inside dimensions as the 146GFE but, has a lid element only. This is the largest kiln you can run on household power without making any electrical modifications. As with the 146GFE, Champ XL has a 12" square shelf and a nice, tall stand.

Quatro 16 
With a 15” Square Shelf, the 120-volt Quatro 16 provides a square glass fusing kiln for individuals who need a kiln larger than 14.5" x 14.5" wide (Square 146GFE) but not as large as 18" x 18" wide (Square 186GFE). 

Square 186GFE
We have used this kiln, and it's really great. It's big enough to slump a couple of wine bottles but ready to fire platters, candle bridges, big bowls and more. We cast in ours, we also did screen melts too. The shelf is 16" square so it fits nine 4" square plates at once. This kiln requires a dedicated circuit, but still works on 120-volts.

Traveler 120v
The Traveler 120 volt comes equipped with an element in the lid for glass fusing and wall elements for ceramics. The versatile Traveler has wheels attached to the frame which allows easy transportation of the kiln to a new location. The Traveler is built in sections but is not designed to come apart.

In addition to these kilns, Olympic also has the 139FLE, HB86E, HB89E, and many of the MAS ceramic kiln series ready to go! Don't see what you are looking for...no problem! Just give us a shout and we would be happy to contact Olympic as they are adding more kilns to their in-stock program daily!

If you are looking for a great kiln and want guaranteed delivery before the holidays... Olympic and Kiln Frog have got you covered!
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