Not Your Average Tile Saw
We are happy to say that the wait is over!  For years, we used a tile saw in our studio that we purchased at a local hardware store. It worked but, it frequently chipped our glass as the speed was just too fast. And, until now, we hadn't found anything that we loved so much we wanted to share it.

Introducing... the Covington MK Tile Saw!

The Covington MK Tile Saw is simply genius! Covington has taken all the great features of the MK-101 Series except they have modified the RPM's of the tile saw and slowed it down from 3450 RPM's to 2500 RPM so the glass does not get "hammered". So, whether you are cutting borosilicate, soft glass, pattern bars, or even bottles the Covington MK saw can do it!

Covington also includes a Ultimate Glass Blade with each saw to provide you with everything you need to get nice clean, virtually chip free cuts.

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