New Heat Treating Ovens from Jen-Ken
At the Blade Show in Atlanta this weekend, Jen-Ken introduced two new heat treating ovens... the Fiber Front Loader and the Vertical Air Bath.

The new Fiber Front Loader, or FFL as we like to call it, is constructed of the most rigid and durable, light-weight refractory fiber material and has outstanding heat retention. No more wasted time or electricity as the unique fiber construction allows the oven to heat and cool quickly as it reaches annealing temps in less than 90 minutes!  

Other features of the FFL include:

  • Quartz Wrapped Top Elements - The Most Even Heating Possible! 
  • No Exposed Metal Elements - Assures Workshop Safety!
  • Reflective Rigid Fiber -  Keeps the inside Hot! Your Workshop Cool!
  • Custom Fit Door Gaskets - Preventing Heat Loss Over Time!

Best of all, we love the versatility of this oven... especially the Front Loader 12 The Front Loader 12 runs on 120v, fires to 2200° F and has the capacity for a 10" square shelf! With those specifications, it is perfect for metal clay, enameling, glass fusing as well as heat treating! I think this could fast become my new favorite!

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The new Vertical Air Bath suspends blades vertically inside the chamber delivering 360°of uniform heat!  This unique top-loading design with upright blade suspension helps reduce internal stress and prevents warps!

Blades in the Vertical Air Bath can be suspended several ways.... either a pin through the tang, a spring clasped to the tang, or you can simply turn the tang sideways between the movable ceramic rods. This versatility allows the vertical suspension format to be used with almost every heat treating technique.

Other features of the Vertical air Bath include:
  • Top Loading - The Best Heat Recovery! 
  • Large Capacity - Holds a Dozen Blades or More in a Single Load!
  • Configurable Baffle Design - Allows All Blades to Process Together!
  • Power Interrupt Lid Switch - Assures Workshop Safety!
  • Rolling Stand with Casters - Space Flexibility and Portability!
The Vertical Air Bath was a huge hit with everyone at the Blade Show and is available in three sizes... Vertical Air Bath 16, Vertical Air Bath 21 and Vertical Air Bath 30
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