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It's Big BLU Hammer Time!

Kiln Frog is excited to announce their new partnership with Big BLU Hammer!

Big BLU is an American manufacturer of air power hammers, hand hammers, and blacksmiths hand tools. They are also a busy full-time decorative blacksmith shop. It's pretty cool because they USE the tools they make.

Big BLU offers a variety of hammer sizes, shapes, weights, and designs to help the user perform the task at hand more easily and efficiently. They also have Punch & Drift Sets, Tongs and tons of Carving Chisels!

To kick off this exciting new partnership, we are giving away Big BLU No. X-2 BLU Rounding Hammer! One side is rounded for moving metal and the other is flat for cleaning up hammer marks. At just under 4 lbs, the balance and weight of the X-2 is perfect. Easy to rotate in your hand and it packs a punch without being too cumbersome. Did we mention it's one of Josh Weston's favorites?

For your chance to win, all you need to do is... LIKE and SHARE our posts AND follow Kiln Frog on Instagram or Facebook! Winner will be selected on Sunday, August 12th.

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