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Paragon Kiln - Pearl 4426 - Kiln Frog

Paragon Kiln - Pearl 4426

$ 6,975.94 $ 9,301.25

Model: Paragon Pearl 4426
Dimensions Inside: 26" (length) x 44" (width) x 13" (depth)
Shelf Size: 42" Square Shelf - NOT INCLUDED
Elements: Top and Side Elements
Max Temp: Fires to 1700° F
Voltage: 240 volts
Amperage: 48 amps
Watts: 11,500 watts
Receptacle: 6-50R
Shipping Weight: 1063# (Freight)


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  • 12-Key Sentry 2.0 Digital Controller
  • Top Heating elements mounted in Deluxe Quartz Tubes
  • Special Limit Thermocouple
  • Safety switch and pilot light
  • Air pistons assist in lifting the lid
  • Louvered switch box, heavy duty wiring
  • Heavy tubular steel frame for rock-steady support
  • Air Pistons
  • Louvered Switch Box
  • Environmentally Friendly Paint
  • Welded plates mounted to the legs for optional 2” solid steel locking casters

    The Pearl-4426 top lifts away to give convenient access to the shelf area. Heavy-duty air pistons lighten the top. The lid handle is 50” long for a convenient opening. Assemble glass pieces directly on the 42” x 24” CoreLite shelf that you have already positioned inside the kiln. A woven rope seal mounted on all four sides of the lid acts as a gasket and cushions the top. The mating surfaces between the lid and sidewalls are hardened and sealed with a special refractory coating.

    The lid elements are protected in six quartz tubes for a cleaner kiln interior. There is less dust in the kiln because there are no element grooves; the firebrick top is one continuous, smooth surface. The quartz tubes protect the elements from contamination with foreign materials that could shorten the element life. The quartz tubes absorb very little heat, allowing the elements to heat the firing chamber efficiently. Quartz tubes protect the user from contact with the elements.

    For even heat distribution, the Pearl-4426 includes two rows of sidewall elements, which are mounted in the top section that lifts up with the lid when the kiln is opened. The sidewall element coils are protected in dropped, recessed grooves.

    The kiln uses advanced power ratio technology, pioneered by Paragon, to balance the heat between the top and side elements. Program the digital controller to balance the heat between the top and sides in increments of 10%. (i.e., 100% top heat - 0% side heat, 50% top - 50% sides, 80% top – 20% sides, etc.) Set the heat balance for any combination desired between the top and sides so that the total heat output equals 100%. Imagine the precise control you will have in adjusting the kiln to slump glass or to improve heat distribution over large fused panels.

    The two pilot lights on the control panel indicate which elements are firing. The top pilot light glows for the lid elements; the bottom pilot light glows for the sidewall elements.

    The Pearl-4426 includes features not found on most competitive kilns. For instance, mercury relays are standard on this kiln. Relays send power to the elements on command from the digital controller. Industrial-grade mercury relays found in the Pearl-4426 far outlast mechanical relays. The life of the quiet, reliable mercury relay has been measured in millions of on/off cycles.

    The Pearl-4426 has 3” thick firebrick sidewalls, bottom, and top. (This is 1/2” thicker than the firebricks in some competitive kilns on the market.) For long life, the kiln has a 1/2” ceramic fiber expansion joint in the center of the firebrick top and bottom. The heavy tubular frame gives the firing chamber rock-steady support.

    To keep the electrical components cool, they are mounted inside a ventilated switch box with a double heat shield and an air gap between the kiln and box. Costly heavy-gauge nickel-plated copper wiring is covered with high temperature glass-braided insulation.

    The beautiful Pearl-4426 is designed for easy maintenance. You can quickly remove the top and front sections of the control panel for easy access to the electrical components. The electrical parts are thoughtfully laid out for quick maintenance inside the large control panel. The ventilation slots keep the control panel cool. The control panel includes an on/off switch and two pilot lights.

    The thermocouple, which is the rod that extends into the firing chamber, senses the temperature, so it is critically important to your firings. The Pearl-4426 comes with a ¼” wide Type-K made with special limit wire for accuracy. The tip of the thermocouple is exposed, which results in rapid temperature response time. The new and improved thermocouple replaces our earlier sheathed thermocouple. The new thermocouple is made in America to our exacting standards.

    The Pearl-4426 has a durable high temperature, water-based finish. We chose water-base paint because of the low emissions during spraying. This creates a safer working environment for our employees and cuts down on pollution.

    Most of Paragon’s standard 240-volt kilns can be ordered in 208 volts. To compensate for the lower voltage, Paragon’s 208-volt kilns use a different set of elements so they will perform as well as the equivalent 240-volt models. For this reason, the elements in 240 and 208-volt kilns, even for the same kiln model, are not interchangeable. So please be sure to specify the correct voltage when you order your kiln. By using different elements for different voltages, total watts consumed by different kiln versions remain the same. 240 and 208 kilns of the same model have the same maximum temperature rating.

    The Pearl 4426 Furniture Kit is not included but, can be added to your kiln purchase. It includes1 - CL42x24x1 CoreLite Shelf (42” x 24” x 1”), eight (8) 1" square posts and a 2 lb. Bags of Glass Separator.

    ***This kiln is very large and will not fit on a lift gate. The CUSTOMER will be responsible for getting the kiln off of the truck with a forklift. Kiln Frog can only cover the cost of the delivery of the kiln to your location. We cannot be responsible for getting it off the truck. WE RECOMMEND... contacting a local mover to see if they have a forklift, are willing to assist, and what that price.

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