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TAP Wall Mount Controller (240v / 60a) -

TAP Wall Mount Controller (240v / 60a)

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Upgrading your manual kiln to a digital controller is a great way to give new life to your old kiln! 

This is a TAP Wall Mount Controller made by Evenheat Kilns. This controller can be used with any 240v kiln. Please make sure that you check your AMPS before making a selection.

The TAP touchscreen control offers a large screen, full text and contains mercury relays.

This model is designed for 240V operation and is fitted with an 8 gauge Type K thermocouple, 5 inches long with a 7-foot extension wire making it well suited for kilns with wall thickness up to 3.5 inches.

Please note that wall mount controls will not pair up successfully with older kilns that use special timing circuits in their designs. This includes Evenheat TnB and Fyrematic series, Paragon SNF series and most Duncan's.

When ordering it is VERY IMPORTANT to state in the notes... the volts, amps of the kiln, and the NEMA number of the receptacle, or just send us a picture. We just want to make double sure that we are sending you the right controller box for your kiln! 

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