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Olympic Kiln - GF8E Top Load (CS or TLC Options)

Olympic Kiln - GF8E Top Load (CS or TLC Options)

$ 6,705.00 $ 7,450.00


Olympic Kiln - GF8E Top Load (CS or TLC Options)

Inside Dim: 48" (width) x 24" (depth) x 12" (height) - 8 Cubic Feet
Outside Dim: 70" (width) x 51" (depth) x 56" (height)
Shelf Size: 36" x 48" Ceramic Fiberboard - NOT INCLUDED
Brick Thickness: 4.5” + 1" Fiber 
Max Temp: 1700°F
Voltage: 240 volts
Amperage: 45 amps (Single Phase) / 30 amps (3 Phase)
Watts: 10,800 watts
Receptacle: NEMA 6-50 (Single Phase) /Direct Wired (3 Phase)
Ship Wt:  1,025(Freight)


GF8E Includes:  

  • FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous US!
  • Bartlett RTC 1000 Controller
  • Pilot Light
  • Welded Heavy Angle Iron Frame
  • Stainless Steel Jacket
  • Breaker Box
  • Instruction Manual
  • One-year limited warranty


Olympic Kilns builds affordable powerful volume producing glass kilns.  Users are provided with equipment that handles capacity loads and large pieces with ease.  The Production Glass Fusing kilns have many outstanding features and can be designed as top-loading, clamshell loading, or both top and clamshell loading; and as a Bell design with the firing chamber electronically raised and lowered and a removable floor for convenient loading and unloading. 

The frames of the Production glass fusing kilns are built of heavy angle iron and metal tubing.  Kiln walls are 4 ½” insulating brick with 1” ceramic fiberboard and 1” air space created by the tube frame.  The result is an energy-efficient heavy load production kiln with a cooler outside surface and temperature.  These models are built with double insulated floors consisting of brick and ceramic fiberboard.  The kiln's walls and floor are constructed of kiln brick and board insulation.  Kiln brick, ceramic board and pyro-block modules comprise the easy opening counter sprung lid.

Floor elements, when selected as an option, are controlled by infinite switches which can be adjusted by the kiln operator as needed.  Glass fusing production kilns are equipped with heavy gauge elements and industrial relays for long life.


Production volume glass kiln models have a hinged electrical box for easy access and their own breaker box for easy access, safety, and lockout. Production glass kiln models come equipped with pilot light, heavy angle iron frame, stainless steel jacket, breaker box, Bartlett RTC-1000 digital electronic controller, instruction manuals, and warranty card.  One-year Limited Kiln Warranty.  Options are available include lid elements in quartz rods, Type S thermocouple, 2 or 3 zone control, 480 volt, vents, and much more.  Furniture Kits are available and provide 1 layer of shelving with smooth ceramic fiberboard, ceramic paper, and large square posts.  Some options must be quoted because of variations in models.


The Bartlett RTC 1000 Digital Controller gives you the freedom to create up to six, 8-step user programs. Other features include delay start, preheat, alarm, cone adjustments, thermocouple adjustments, °F or °C operation, 16 segment program, and skip step.

The GF8E is also equipped with its own breaker box for easy access, safety and lockout.

GF8E 240V
1 45
GF8E 208V
1 52
GF8E 240V
GF8E 208V
3 35

Why Upgrade from Mechanical Relays to Solid-State Relays?      

Mechanical Relays, which come standard on most kilns have internal moving parts which over time wear out and need to be replaced.  Kiln manufacturers recommend you replace your mechanical relays approximately every 2 years.  Solid-state relays have no moving parts and last far longer than standard mechanical relays and offer far better temperature control during hold times.  Since solid-state relays also have no moving parts to wear out, they NEVER need to be replaced.  You will notice that solid-state relays are silent.  The only sound you will hear is just the reassuring hum of the heating elements.  So, this factory upgrade saves you potential downtime from having to wait for new relays to arrive, potential over-fires from relays sticking in the closed position, potential aggravation from having to learn how to remove and replace the mechanical relays yourself.  We think this upgrade is well worth the cost and will save you time and aggravation over the life of your kiln.

Get to know your kiln!

Read all about your kiln before you buy. Check out this Olympic Manual here and explore all about what this kiln has to offer.

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