Evenheat Kiln - RM II 2541

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Model: Evenheat RM II 2541
Inside Dim: 41" (width) x 25.25" (depth) x 29" (height) *
Outside Dim: 50" (width) x 30.25" (depth) x 42" (height) *
Shelf Size: 15" x 21" Rectangular and 21" Half Shelf - NOT INCLUDED
Max Temp: 2000° F
Voltage: 240 volts
Amperage: 60 amps
Watts: 14,400 watts
Receptacle: Direct
Ship Wt: 450# (freight)



  • FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous US!
  • RampMaster II 12-Key Controller w/ Express Mode
  • 2-1/2" Brick Construction
  • Swing View Adjustable Control
  • Wide Lid Handle
  • Full Stainless Jacket
  • Corner Mounting Technique
  • Properly Sized Stands
  • Lid Security Bar
  • Swing Away Peephole Cover
  • 2 Position Lid Vent
  • Responsive Thermocouples
  • Excellent Temperature Distribution
  • Mechanical Relays
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty (The manufacturer's warranty as well as the optional add-on Extended Warranty Protection Plan do not cover a service contractor to provide in-home kiln repairs.)
  • * Width refers to the side to side measurement, depth to the front to back measurement, and height to the bottom to top measurement of the kiln. 

The RM II 2541 is designed exclusively for lower fire ceramics (max. 2000°F, cone 03) and is equipped with the programmable RampMaster II temperature control.

Available with our TAP Touchscreen, Genesis Touchscreen or Rampmaster II controls. The RM II 2541 is also available in both single and 3 phase designs. Order yours with our Quiet Drive Solid State output option for tight temperature control and longer element life. You can add the Dyna-Lift lid lifter! The Dyna-Lyft lightens the force needed to operate the kiln lid. The design includes no kiln body connection, a single point lift point has an emphasis on allowing the lid to act naturally and make it easier to open a heavy lid.

Why Upgrade from Mechanical Relays to Solid-State Relays?      

Mechanical Relays, which come standard on most kilns have internal moving parts which over time wear out and need to be replaced.  Kiln manufacturers recommend you replace your mechanical relays approximately every 2 years.  Solid-state relays have no moving parts and last far longer than standard mechanical relays and offer far better temperature control during hold times.  Since solid-state relays also have no moving parts to wear out, they NEVER need to be replaced.  You will notice that solid-state relays are silent.  The only sound you will hear is just the reassuring hum of the heating elements.  So, this factory upgrade saves you potential down time from having to wait for new relays to arrive, potential over-fires from relays sticking in the closed position, potential aggravation from having to learn how to remove and replace the mechanical relays yourself.  We think this upgrade is well worth the cost and will save you time and aggravation over the life of your kiln.