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Paragon Kiln - Max 119 -

Paragon Kiln - Max 119

$ 1,353.78 $ 1,605.92

Model: Paragon Max 119
Dimensions Inside: 11" (width) x 9" (depth)
Dimensions Outside: 22" (width) x 24" (depth) x 32.5" (height)
Shelf Size: 10” Round Shelf - NOT INCLUDED
Element: Side Element
Max Temp: Fires to 2300° F 
Voltage: 120 volts 
Amperage: 20 amps 
Watts: 2160 watts 
Receptacle: 5-20
Shipping Weight: 121# (Freight)



  • FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous US!
  • 3-Key Digital Sentry Xpress Controller
  • Large enough to fire a 10” plate
  • 2.5” Firebrick Walls
  • Extra 2” of block insulation between the firebricks and the stainless steel case (4.5” thick walls)
  • 3” Firebrick Lid
  • 4.5” Firebrick Bottom
  • Lock-in lid support with positive catch
  • Coated lid, peepholes & rim of firebrick
  • Heavy duty stand with Locking Casters
  • Full-formed galvanized steel base
  • Wide-view tapered peephole
  • Fall-away Prop-R-Vent
  • Heavy-Duty Elements
  • Easy-access Switch  Cover
  • Cold rolled stainless jacket
  • 14-gauge thermocouple with special limit wire

*** This kiln is 120v but, requires a 5-20R DEDICATED CIRCUIT. Learn more about dedicated circuits HERE! ***

From China Painting, Decals and Dolls to Glass Casting and Fusing... this little kiln can do it all! 

Most impressively, with a 3" thick brick wall and a temperature rating of 2300°F, this heavily insulated kiln can fire ceramics on a 120 volt, 20 amp outlet! This is a kiln you will never outgrow. If you later buy a larger kiln, continue to use it for testing or small projects. Or, perfect a new design in the small kiln before running production quantities in the large kiln. A small test kiln is invaluable in solving ceramic glaze problems and perfecting difficult glazes such as


Heavily insulated

The walls are 4 1/2” thick! The 2 1/2” thick firebricks are backed with an extra 2” of block insulation between the firebricks and the stainless steel case. The lid is 3” thick, and the bottom is 4 1/2” thick.


Kiln Comes with Heavy Duty Rolling Stand, 18” Square x 18” High

A deluxe kiln stand with locking casters is included with the kiln. Enjoy the convenience of rolling the kiln out of the way when it is not in use. The stand is rock solid. It fits together with interlocking components that assemble with one size of bolt. (Ships unassembled.)

The 18” tall stand raises the kiln to a convenient height for loading and unloading. Should you need a vent, merely slide the collection cup of an Orton vent into a mounting bracket on the top of the stand.

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