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Evenheat Heat Treat Oven - LB 22.5 -

Evenheat Heat Treat Oven - LB 22.5

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Model: Evenheat LB 22.5
Inside Dim: 10" (width) x 6.5" (height) x 22.5" (depth)
Outside Dim: 20" (width) x 19.5" (height) x 30" (depth)  
Max Temp: 2200° F
Voltage: 240 volts
Amperage: 15 amps
Watts: 3,600 watts
Receptacle: 6-20R
Ship Wt: 104# (freight)



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  • Side Element Design
  • Swing View Adjustable Control (on RM & TAP Controllers)
  • Designed for Higher Temperatures
  • Side Opening Door with Door Guard
  • Cool-Touch Handle
  • Heat Trap
  • Tool Rest
  • Loud Alarm Jack
  • Compression Construction
  • Excellent Temperature Distribution
  • Mechanical Relays

The Evenheat LB 22.5 is a side-element only design that allows the heat treater to use the entire depth of the chamber, regardless of blade length. This makes the LB 22.5  long blade friendly because it allows the user to load long blades very close to the back of the heating chamber while providing excellent temperature distribution. If you currently heat treat long blades or intend to at some point, the LB Series is made just for you. Of course, shorter blades are entirely welcome and receive the same accurate heat treating that Evenheat is known for.

The Evenheat LB 22.5 is designed exclusively for heat-treating and is capable of all heat treating processes up to 2200°F (1204°C). 

LB series ovens have the power to get you to temperature quickly: expect to reach a critical temperature within an hour for temps up to 1900°F (1040°C).

LB Series ovens are now offered with an optional solid-state relay. Solid-state relays can be triggered up to 60 times a second compared to a mechanical relay that is limited to about once every 10 seconds which translates into very tight and responsive temperature control. As an added benefit, we expect that the solid-state relay will never wear out or need replacing!

The controls of the LB series feature our Swing View Adjustable Control. The Swing View is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows the user to rotate the control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. It's that simple. The swing view pairs well with our touchscreen controls as the viewing angle can be perfectly aligned. You'll love it.

Why the LB Series?

The LB Series side-element-only design was inspired by culinary and long-blade makers as well as the knife making the community as a whole. Knife makers needed to use the entire length of the chamber without overheating their blades at the back wall. Evenheat took a fresh look at their heat treat oven designs, removed the rear wall element and created the side element only LB Series.

​The results are incredible: front to back temperature distribution is dead-nut. Whether you're making culinary, tactical, fixed blades, folders, doing gun work or something else entirely, the LB Series sets the new standard! A special thanks to culinary blade makers Bill Burke and Geoff Feder for their design advice and prototyping.

Why Upgrade from Mechanical Relays to Solid-State Relays?      

Mechanical Relays, which come standard on most kilns have internal moving parts which over time wear out and need to be replaced.  Kiln manufacturers recommend you replace your mechanical relays approximately every 2 years.  Solid-state relays have no moving parts and last far longer than standard mechanical relays and offer far better temperature control during hold times.  Since solid-state relays also have no moving parts to wear out, they NEVER need to be replaced.  You will notice that solid-state relays are silent.  The only sound you will hear is just the reassuring hum of the heating elements.  So, this factory upgrade saves you potential down time from having to wait for new relays to arrive, potential over-fires from relays sticking in the closed position, potential aggravation from having to learn how to remove and replace the mechanical relays yourself.  We think this upgrade is well worth the cost and will save you time and aggravation over the life of your kiln.

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