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Finally, The KILN ACADEMY e-book has arrived! This 75-page kiln primer has all the handy kiln information you need all in one place. The KILN ACADEMY e-book is perfect for everyone in the kiln world who needs a reference guide. From prospective kiln buyers to current kiln owners, everyone will find valuable information you'll use every day in this book.

This downloadable e-file can be carried with you on your smartphone as a studio, lab, or workshop companion, so you'll always have the information you need, just when you need it.

This first edition e-book covers everything from how to make purchasing decisions, to kiln safety, and maintenance, and has specific information for heat-treating kilns, pottery kilns, glass kilns, gas kilns, and more!

We'll be updating the e-book periodically throughout the year with even more juicy kiln information, so check back on the page count as the book grows to re-download updated editions! (Once you have the first edition, all updates are free! Ask for the update code when new editions are available, we'll confirm your subscription and send you the code.)

Download your copy today!

How To Download: Add the E-Book to your cart and fill in your information as though you were purchasing the e-book. The cart will not require any payment. Once you hit the "complete order" button" a "download" button will appear so you can download the e-book. It will allow you to do a straight download to your smartphone or computer, or you can open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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