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TAP Kiln Controller Conversion Kits

This product is the perfect solution for customers who want to upgrade their existing controller to the smartest controller on the market! This is the fastest and easiest way to make that upgrade happen.

This conversion box makes the installation as painless as can be. After removal of the existing controller, the conversion box reuses your existing mounting holes for the installation of the TAP controller, with no need to modify the existing control box enclosure.

The included wiring harness adapter hooks directly into your existing control box wiring harness, eliminating the need to reroute wiring or modify internal components.

The supplied conversion box provides quick access to the TAP controller USB and Ethernet ports via the open bottom access port.

This is the fastest and simplest way to take your kiln controls to the next level!

Why upgrade to TAP Kiln Controller?

This TAP controller for kiln is equipped with touchscreen technology and wi-fi compatibility. The Touchscreen displays all programming and uses commands in full text for easy use and understanding. The TAP Controller menu-driven software is well laid out, logical and very intuitive. During standby and run operations, the TAP Controller displays large format, high contrast screens that display kiln temperature and its current state.

The TAP Controller conversion kit includes pre-loaded firing schedules and the ability to create your own unique firing schedules. During an actual firing, the TAP offers on-the-fly changes including adjusting setpoint temperatures, hold times, and skipping ahead. The controller includes kiln error information and diagnostics features. Diagnostics provide a real-time look into the usage of critical kiln components. The TAP Controller monitors many functions and allows you to calculate your actual cost per firing.

The TAP Controller is designed for computer networking via USB wifi or ethernet connections. This connectivity will allow monitoring the kiln, developing and editing programs, or performing TAP Controller functions from a network-connected computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Read all about the TAP Kiln Controller and what it's capable of doing for you. Check out their manual here and learn more about their technology.

Check out this tutorial on SDS industries TAP Controller Conversion Kit with Paul Hughes. Learn step by step how to convert your current kiln controller to a TAP Touch Screen Controller!

Tap Controller from SDS Industries

Introducing TAP, by SDS Industries... The Most Advanced Kiln Control Technology Available! TAP (Temperature Automation by Proportional-Integral-Derivative) is the first commercially available consumer kiln controller that utilizes an intuitive graphical user interface to enable the glass or ceramic artist to immediately start programming and operating their kiln. For all of us less technical, regular folks... this means interactive touch screen! TAP is designed with similar functionality to many current 3-key and 12-key controllers, such as an Orton AutoFire® 3000 or the Sentry 2.0 Controller. However, its new technology provides the user with easier programming, more memory, and ultimately more control.
    Looking to add WiFi capabilities to a TAP Smart Controller? If you chose this option, keep in mind that a WiFi Dongle is a plug-and-play device that functions as a receiver for your controller. **IMPORTANT: This Dongle can ONLY receive 2.4, NOT 5ghz!