Rayzist - SR3000™ Self-Stick 3 mil Film (10 Sheets)

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User friendly Rayzist SR3000™ is a high-resolution photoresist with an inherent self-sticking quality enabling etchers to achieve the finest detail and deepest etch in the sand blasting industry.

We call it Self-Stick film, but you might call it amazing. SR3000 is a repositionable, self-stick film that does not carry or require a stubborn, messy adhesive—that means no residue clean-up, no complicated handling issues, and no adhesive to apply or over-wash. There’s simply nothing else like it in the marketplace today. The film develops a slight tack after wash-out, but will never feel gummy or sticky.

SR3000 sandblasing film has industry-leading durability and resolution capabilities—you can trust it with half-tone images or ultra high resolution images, for deep etches or fine details, and on flat or curved surfaces. The 3 mil thickness is designed to push the envelope in high resolution designs; you can blast finely detailed images without the worry of pinhole blast-through. 

Processed SR3000 clings steadfastly to any polished surface, providing an ideal system for creating fine quality engravings on glass, wood, stone, ceramic, granite, marble and soft metals.

    Requirements: SR3000 can be processed easily with a UV light source, film print and pressurized washout unit, such as a Rayzist Hand Washer or automatic washout unit. A Plastic Burnisher is necessary to bind the processed photomask to the substrate surface and remove the photomask’s clear carrier. The Rayzist Wire Wheel Brush is also strongly recommended; this hand-held tool releases air trapped between the substrate and the photomask.

    Room Lighting: You do not need a darkroom or yellow lighting to use SR3000. The film can be safely handled in white fluorescent lighting for approximately ten minutes. Avoid any room or area that has direct or indirect UV light such open windows or doors. Sunlight will expose the film in a matter of seconds.

    Shelf Life: Conservatively, 14 months at room temperature.

    Development: Standard washout times begin at 45-60 seconds, depending on the mil.

    Exposure Time: 20 seconds