Knifemakers Heat Treating Kit

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The Knifemakers Heat Treating Kit contains: 1 pair Hot Gloves, 1 Heat Treating Fork, 4 Knife Holders, and 8 Knife Holder Supports. 

Hot Gloves - For intermittent handling of hot objects up to 400° F. Sold in pairs. Not intended for handling hot blades.

Heat Treating Fork - Easily removes knife holders and blades from the hot furnace. A sliding wooden handle allows you the most comfortable position for holding the fork. 31” long.

Knife Holder Supports - Position knife holder supports under the knife holders inside the furnace. The supports raise the knife holders so you can slide the fork under holders.

Knife Holder - High-temperature removable pins fit into holes pressed into a ceramic base. The pins hold the foil-wrapped blades on edge so heat can circulate around each blade. (Unless you have the Gas Injection Flow Meter, you will need to wrap the blades in heat treating foil, which is not included in this kit.)

Ship weight: 18 pounds calculated cumulatively with other items in your cart.