Evenheat Knife/Heat Treat Kilns Electrical Parts Kit

Sale price$ 428.00


The Evenheat Kiln Replacement Parts Kit includes:

  • Three (3) Elements
  • High Temp Connectors
  • Element Pins
  • Transformer
  • Fuse
  • Pint of Mortar
  • Thermocouple
  • Relays (appropriate amount for your unit)
  • Lead Wires with Slip-on Connectors

This kit is for EVENHEAT DIGITAL KILNS ONLY. This kit is for all Evenheat Knife/Heat Treating kilns. Choose your size kiln and the kit will be adjusted based on your model. Please specify what voltage you need when ordering.

NOTE: This kit does NOT include a digital controller board! If you need a new or replacement controller board please email or call us with your model number and controller type. We'll have a few questions to ask before we order one for you. DO NOT order a controller board without speaking to a customer experience representative. Save yourself the headache of ordering the wrong thing, or misdiagnosing your issue.