Atlas Knife & Tool - Kastolite 50-25 plus – 5lbs

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This is our recommended castable refractory for building a forge without wool.

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  • 5 lbs of material, more than enough to cast a new chamber for an Atlas forge.
  • Requires 24 hours to chemically cure
  • We recommended baking in the oven for 5 hours @ 400°F to remove moisture.
  • May also be air dried for 2 days with a fan blowing on it.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty (Refer to Manufacturer's Warranty)

We have tested over 40 refractories found this to be the best compromise between insulation and castability.

Kastolite 50-25 Plus is a 2500°F rated, lightweight insulating refractory.
Insulating refractory does not absorb heat like heavier refractory.