AmeriBrade - Waterfall, Integral, Plunge (W.I.P.) Attachment

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This mechanism attaches to the flange of a small wheel holder. It allows you to accurately adjust the position of the platen relative to our full range of small wheels (1/4” to 2” diameter). By setting the platen tangent to a small wheel, you can grind fantastic integral bolsters tangent to the flat sides of a blade or you can create large radius plunge lines at the root of your bevels. Instead of setting the platen tangent to a wheel, you could also position the platen above a wheel and create a “waterfall” platen for achieving a very small radius at your plunge line and adjusting the symmetry of those plunge lines from side to side. Pair this W.I.P. attachment with our fullering inserts and Bader-style small wheels for large blades that require an uninterrupted plane above the small wheel holder.

Small Wheel Holder, Small Wheels, and Fullering Inserts purchased separately

2-Year Limited Warranty (Refer to Manufacturer's Warranty)

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